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FUCT - The Doctrine Pt.1 - Written and Directed by Erik Brunetti

FUCT, The Doctrine Pt 1, Written and Directed by Erik Brunetti
Knuckle Dragger : still the gnarliest ad ive seen
Paul D : Really taking the "any publicity is good publicity thing to heart aren't ya" prob sold more tee shirts in the last month then he has since he started.
Dave NC : If this is how you have to resort to selling your clothing, the product can't be good. I hope you lose in the Supreme Court ruling.
Grounded Human : FUCT... I'm a adicct bastard since the beginning
daniel clements : ganggang

FUCT Erik Brunetti Exhibition Opening Report

Before streetwear had a name, FUCT existed.
Per la prima volta in Italia Erik Brunetti espone le sue opere d’arte più importanti. Una grande mostra per celebrare 20 anni di storia del marchio. Un evento unico che avrà come spazio Slam Jam Milano e nel quale Erik farà da padrone di casa.

produced by Slam Jam
beverage by BrewDog

VIDEO CREDITS: Basement Studio
Tom Jamison : I love fuct.
clueless : ⚡️FUCT 4life⚡️
luis martinez : Iconic
C02 Delirious : 1:52 is that an iPhone 3
futurevintage1 : He even fuct the supreme court ...

Fuct unboxing (11/27/19)

It’s been a while since I uploaded a fuct unboxing video so this is what I coped from that days drop of fuct hope you guys like and enjoy
pinoydak 08 : How is the sizing?
B3ASTBOi : Lit bruh




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